184 Palm Coast Homes and Condos Sold In November 2012

Are you interested in what homes are selling in Palm Coast Florida? Here is the update of sold homes data for November 2012, This data includes Palm Coast Homes recently sold in the Palm Coast Communities of Grand HavenHammock Dunes CondosHammock Dunes Homes Hammock BeachOcean Hammock, Flagler BeachSurf ClubSea Colony, Palm Coast PlantationCinnamon Beach, Canopy Walk, Tidelands, Yacht Harbor MarinaSaltwater CanalsPine Lakes, Indian TrailsMatanzas Woods, Palm Harbor, Seminole Woods, Palm Coast PlantationTidelandsLehigh Woods, Pine Grove, Belle Terre, The Woodlands, Cypress KnollQuail Hollow.

Sold Price
# Beds
# Baths
Living SqFt
Price Per Sq Ft
Sale Type
Palm Harbor44 Old Oak Dr S$800,000645656$141
Hammock Dunes8 Montilla Place$750,000444127$182
Not Assigned7 Avenue De La Mer$750,000432840$264
Hammock Dunes19 Avenue De La Mer$648,000332873$226
Hammock Dunes85 Avenue De La Mer$610,000433345$182Short Sale
Not Assigned12 Northshore Drive$475,000553704$128Foreclosure
Grand Haven43 North Park Cir$440,000432911$151
Hammock Dunes20 Porto Mar$415,000222150$193
Toscana30 New Leatherwood Drive$414,000432610$159
Cinnamon Beach1200 Cinnamon Beach Way$397,150332003$198
Hammock Dunes20 Porto Mar$395,000222150$184Short Sale
Grand Haven16 Chinier St$380,000543420$111Foreclosure
Palm Coast Plantation143 Heron Dr$370,000332450$151
Grand Haven37 Osprey Cir$365,000332694$135
Palma Vista333 12th St N$350,000332475$141
Tidelands63 Longview Way N$349,125432810$124Foreclosure
Palm Harbor40 Cleveland Court$348,500443453$101
Hammock Dunes28 Marbella Court$342,000322036$168
Morningside2304 Oceanshore Blvd S$340,000342040$167Short Sale
Cinnamon Beach600 Cinnamon Beach Way$339,000321344$252
Palma Vista329 10th St N$335,000322300$146
Palm Coast Plantation155 Heron Dr$327,000432591$126
Palm Harbor31 Cherry Tree Court$325,000322533$128
Palm Coast Plantation1 Emerald Lake Court$310,000444803$65Short Sale
Hammock Dunes120 Avenue De La Mer$299,000322014$148
Harbor Village Marina/ Yacht Harbor102 Yacht Harbor Dr$280,000221570$178
Palm Harbor26 Cherry Tree Court$280,000321870$150
Palm Coast Resort146 Palm Coast Resort Blvd$275,000322008$137
Grand Haven11 Augusta Trail$275,000422492$110
Not Assigned52 Eagle Lake Dr$275,000432673$103Short Sale
Pine Lakes9 Woodford Lane$260,000423156$82
Ocean Hammock300 Cinnamon Beach Way$255,000321682$152
Hammock Dunes15 Avenue De La Mer$250,000221453$172Short Sale
Palm Harbor12 Crossleaf Ct W$250,000432609$96Short Sale
Palm Harbor19 Colorado Drive$240,000321892$127Short Sale
Cypress Knoll75 Egret Trail$239,000533348$71Short Sale
Hammock Dunes2 Corte Del Mar$234,000221932$121
Palm Harbor43 Captains Walk$230,000321900$121Short Sale
Grand Haven9 Gleneagles Place$227,500322000$114
Lakeside at Matanzas Shores104 Surfview Drive$227,000221158$196
Sea Colony61 Bristol Lane$220,000321402$157
Palm Harbor45 Farraday Lane$205,259321640$125Foreclosure
Sea Colony48 Bristol Lane$205,000321620$127
Matanzas Woods25 Lewis Dr$198,000522823$70
Matanzas Woods23 Ludlow Ln W$196,000533998$49Short Sale
Aliki Gold Coast1601 Central Ave$194,000221215$160
Pine Lakes118 Whispering Pine Dr$191,500332296$83Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods40 Louisville Drive$190,000322602$73
Sea Colony51 Bristol Dr$185,000321636$113
Lehigh Woods49 Richmond Drive$183,900422276$81Foreclosure
Pine Grove4 Pinetree Dr$180,000422539$71
Belle Terre61 Presidential Lane$180,000422982$60
Palm Harbor40 Clarendon Ct N$178,400321962$91Foreclosure
Tidelands11 Longview Way N$178,200322176$82Short Sale
Grand Haven200 Riverfront Drive$176,500332167$81Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll56 Ethan Allen Drive$175,100321875$93Foreclosure
George Moody211 5th St N$175,000311128$155
Canopy Walk700 Canopy Walk Lane$175,000321712$102Short Sale
Seminole Woods15 Sea Green Path$168,000422357$71
Cypress Knoll20 Elder Drive$167,000432002$83
Grand Haven20 Tanglewood Court$167,000321636$102
Belle Terre26 Peppercorn Lane$165,155422048$81Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods143 London Dr$165,000322017$82Short Sale
Matanzas Woods38 Lynbrook Drive$165,000322222$74Short Sale
Pine Grove69 President Lane$162,500322061$79Foreclosure
Canopy Walk400 Canopy Walk Lane$160,000321377$116Foreclosure
Palm Harbor95 Freeport Lane$160,000321735$92
Cypress Knoll42 Ellsworth Drive$157,000332519$62Short Sale
Indian Trails185 Boulder Rock Drive$156,000423097$50Foreclosure
Indian Trails8 Beaverdam Ln$155,000322133$73
Seminole Woods62 Sea Breeze Trail$154,900422876$54
Indian Trails13 Brownstone Lane$154,500321931$80Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll5 Eli Place$154,000422036$76Short Sale
3700 Oceanshore Blvd$150,000221184$127
Palm Harbor300 Canopy Walk Lane$150,000321377$109
Not Assigned68 Burroughs Drive$149,900432958$51Foreclosure
Palm Coast Resort146 Palm Coast Resort Blvd$149,000321344$111Short Sale
Lehigh Woods81 Robinson Drive$149,000421920$78Short Sale
Palm Harbor27 Felwood Lane$147,000321404$105
Pine Grove40 Pittman Drive$145,000321865$78
Indian Trails87 Belvedere Ln$145,000321526$95
Lehigh Woods8 Randall Place$145,000432450$59Foreclosure
3600 Oceanshore Blvd$144,00011700$206
Lehigh Woods30 Rolling Sands Drive$142,000422040$70
Seminole Woods41 Seamanship Trail$140,500322132$66
3600 Oceanshore Blvd$140,000221209$116Foreclosure
Indian Trails124 Bressler Lane$139,000321821$76
Pine Grove88 Pin Oak Dr$139,000322009$69Short Sale
Indian Trails61 Ballenger Ln$138,000422277$61Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods13 Russman Lane$136,000322319$59
Lehigh Woods35 Roxbury Lane$135,500532514$54Foreclosure
Pine Lakes125 Westgrill Dr$135,100422039$66Foreclosure
Seminole Woods5 Season Pl$135,000322017$67
Seminole Woods11 Sea Flower Path$131,000321839$71Foreclosure
Pine Grove41 Pineapple Dr$130,000432396$54Short Sale
Indian Trails22 Luther Dr$129,900321695$77
Lehigh Woods124 Raintree Cir$129,000221626$79Short Sale
Pine Grove21 Prairie Lane$128,500422255$57
Indian Trails35 Biscayne Dr$127,000321956$65
Indian Trails2 Barkley Ln$125,000321579$79
Lehigh Woods14 Renshaw Place$121,600422952$41Short Sale
Pine Grove18 Postman Lane$120,000321432$84
Indian Trails27 Boxwood Lane$120,000321600$75
Pine Grove75 Pennypacker Ln$119,000321574$76
Pine Grove15 Pine Cedar Dr$119,000321630$73
Palm Harbor200 Bella Harbor Ct$117,900322325$51Foreclosure
Palm Harbor74 Folson Lane$116,000321858$62Short Sale
Quail Hollow15 Lloshire Path$115,000321669$69
Not Assigned24 Carlson Lane$115,000221842$62
Cypress Knoll62 Edward Dr$115,000422128$54
Pine Grove29 Pony Lane$115,000642622$44Short Sale
Canopy Walk1100 Canopy Walk Lane$115,000321377$84Short Sale
Cypress Knoll2 East Diamond Drive$114,900321565$73Short Sale
Lehigh Woods25 Reindeer Lane$114,500321702$67Foreclosure
Palm Harbor68 Freemont Turn$113,000321400$81Foreclosure
Palm Harbor43 Feling Lane$112,000321768$63
Indian Trails41 Brewster Lane$111,000321566$71
Belle Terre7 Puritan Lane$110,000322208$50
Quail Hollow9 Karas Trail$110,000422322$47Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods15 Ryberry Drive$106,000421782$59Foreclosure
Indian Trails9 Beaverdam Ln$105,000421481$71Foreclosure
Palm Harbor30 Farrington Lane$105,000322085$50Foreclosure
Pine Grove54 Pine Grove Dr$105,000321427$74
Seminole Woods6 Smith Trl$105,000321440$73
Lehigh Woods80 Ryberry Drive$103,000322010$51Short Sale
Matanzas Woods16 Louvet Lane$102,000321456$70
Matanzas Woods63 Lancelot Drive$101,000221416$71
Tidelands55 Riverview Bend S$100,000221115$90
Ocean Palm Villa3545 Central Ave$100,000211000$100
Quail Hollow17 Zoffer Court$99,900422020$49Short Sale
Lehigh Woods21 Roxton Lane$99,000321621$61Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll47 Eastwood Drive$99,000421997$50Short Sale
Belle Terre31 Rockefeller Drive$99,000322070$48Short Sale
Not Assigned5 Ryan Drive$98,000421779$55Foreclosure
Pine Grove38 Pine Crest Ln$97,900321328$74Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods7 Lewisdale Pl$97,500321704$57Short Sale
Belle Terre98 Pebble Beach Dr$95,500421664$57Foreclosure
Flagler Beach301 Central Ave S$95,00011514$185
Pine Grove3 Piermount Lane$92,500321378$67
Woodlands9 Bleau Court$92,050321955$47Foreclosure
Quail Hollow94 Zephyr Lily Trail$92,000321409$65Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods1 Billing Pl$92,000321899$48Foreclosure
Belle Terre171 Plain View Drive$92,000321248$74Short Sale
Pine Grove32 Porter Lane$92,000321623$57Short Sale
Pine Lakes13 Woodfalon Place$92,000321560$59Short Sale
Pine Grove180 Pine Grove Dr$90,500421729$52Foreclosure
Palm Harbor31 Sunrise Villas Ln$90,000321489$60
Belle Terre12 Patchogue Place$90,000321882$48Short Sale
Seminole Woods13 Seckel Court$89,500421866$48Short Sale
Pine Grove209 Parkview Drive$88,000321571$56Foreclosure
Palm Harbor58 Freeland Lane$87,000321668$52Short Sale
Palm Harbor35 Frenora Lane$85,200321572$54Short Sale
Quail Hollow8 Zanzibar Ct$85,000421858$46Short Sale
Lehigh Woods20 Angela Dr$85,000321333$64Short Sale
Palm Harbor40 Farnell Lane$85,000321116$76Short Sale
Indian Trails23 Boxwood Lane$85,000321483$57Short Sale
Palm Harbor58 Clubhouse Drive$83,000211127$74
Pine Grove32 Powder Hill Ln$83,000321647$50Short Sale
Palm Harbor109 Florida Park Dr$82,500221495$55
Indian Trails89 Beacon Mill Ln$82,000321411$58Short Sale
Seminole Woods38 Secretary Trail$81,700321842$44Short Sale
Flagler Beach301 Central Ave$80,00011438$183
Lehigh Woods28 Ryding Lane$80,000422008$40Short Sale
Woodlands6 Blackberry Place$79,900321471$54Foreclosure
Pine Grove23 Pinwheel Lane$79,500422107$38Foreclosure
Indian Trails6 Barkley Ln$78,000221042$75
5 Hembury Lane$75,000321338$56Short Sale
Not Assigned12 Federal Ln$74,000221048$71
Palm Harbor12 Firtree Lane$71,900321125$64Short Sale
Indian Trails92 Belvedere Ln$70,500321344$52Foreclosure
Indian Trails134 Birchwood Dr$70,000321674$42Short Sale
Matanzas Woods23 Longfellow Dr$70,000421805$39Short Sale
Lehigh Woods13 Reidel Lane$66,000321116$59Short Sale
Palm Harbor27 Sherbury Court$65,000221098$59
Not Assigned1 Pauline Pl$64,000321330$48Foreclosure
Indian Trails32 Brooklyn Lane$63,500321490$43Short Sale
Palm Harbor15 Cerrudo Lane$61,000211078$57Foreclosure
Quail Hollow10 Zaun Trail$60,000211008$60
Palm Harbor52 Clubhouse Drive$55,000211127$49
Pine Grove20 Panei Lane$53,000321159$46Foreclosure
Pine Lakes5 Wood Ash Lane$50,00022936$53Foreclosure
40 Clubhouse Drive$45,00022986$46
101 Palm Harbor Pkwy$36,500221125$32Foreclosure
Belle Terre2 Plain View Drive$30,000222056$15Short Sale

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217 Palm Coast Florida Homes & Condos Sold In August 2012

Are you interested in what homes are selling in Palm Coast Florida?

Here is the update of sold homes data for August 2012

This data includes Palm Coast Homes  and condos recently sold in the Palm Coast Communities of Grand HavenHammock Dunes CondosHammock Dunes Homes Hammock BeachOcean Hammock, Flagler BeachSurf ClubSea Colony, Palm Coast PlantationCinnamon Beach, Canopy Walk, Tidelands, Yacht Harbor MarinaSaltwater CanalsPine Lakes, Indian TrailsMatanzas Woods, Palm Harbor, Seminole Woods, Palm Coast PlantationTidelandsLehigh Woods, Pine Grove, Belle Terre, The Woodlands, Cypress KnollQuail Hollow.

Sold Price
# Beds
# Baths
Living SqFt
Price Per Sq Ft
Sale Type
Palm Coast Plantation97 Heron Dr$468,500433578$131
Venice Park123 Lantana Avenue$370,000432576$144
Grand Haven84 Southlake Drive$351,000322169$162
Eagle Rock Ranch19 Remington Road$350,000332812$124
Fuquay2120 Central Ave S$329,000321941$170
Palma Vista1115 Daytona Ave N$317,000321600$198
Palm Harbor6 Creek Court$315,000432423$130
Grand Haven20 Hidden Lake Way$280,000322646$106
Sea Colony35 Nantucket Dr$277,000321842$150
Pine Lakes54 Mount Vernon Lane$258,500422468$105
Grand Haven19 Players Circle$251,000533166$79
Palm Harbor5 Clee Way$243,200322315$105Foreclosure
Waterwood Park1305 Lambert Ave$240,000332761$87Short Sale
Palm Harbor1 Clarendon Ct N$230,000422522$91Short Sale
Grand Haven90 Front Street$230,000332150$107Short Sale
Pine Lakes25 Mount Vernon Lane$229,000422480$92
St. Johns Dev908 Windward Way$225,000321418$159
Palm Harbor27 Comanche Court$221,900321612$138Foreclosure
Palm Harbor70 Cimmaron Dr$205,000421997$103
Lakeside at Matanzas Shores15 San Jose Dr$202,000321546$131
Lehigh Woods5 Ralph Place$195,000321872$104
Cypress Knoll1 Evansmill Place$195,000322364$82
Palm Harbor2 Cameo Court$193,000332024$95
Sunrise Beach2299 Central Ave N$191,000221620$118
Pine Grove100 Point Pleasant Drive$175,000322186$80
Palm Harbor17 Cold Spring Court$170,000321788$95Short Sale
Palm Harbor14 Fountain Gate Lane$170,000321641$104
Matanzas Woods160 London Dr$164,900522895$57
Woodlands13 Blackwood Court$161,000422107$76
Indian Trails16 Barring Pl$160,000332186$73
Pine Grove57 Pheasant Drive$155,900321503$104
Pine Lakes7 Westburg Pl$155,000321798$86
Woodlands53 Black Alder Dr$153,000422107$73
Pine Grove2 Pointer Place$152,500321917$80
Pine Lakes6 Saw Mill Ct$147,500422080$71
Lehigh Woods49 Ryland Drive$145,000422176$67Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods156 Raintree Cir$139,000321767$79
Palm Harbor87 Fulton Place$137,500421943$71Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll192 Eric Drive$131,600321319$100Short Sale
Lehigh Woods15 Rymshaw Drive$130,000422237$58
Indian Trails16 Becker Ln$130,000321963$66
Pine Grove24 Princess Ruth Ln$130,000321716$76
Indian Trails61 Brunett Lane$130,000421671$78
Pine Grove43 Poinsettia Ln$130,000322088$62
Pine Lakes34 Westmill Lane$130,000322000$65
Pine Grove40 Pittwick Lane$128,000321720$74
Seminole Woods18 Smyrna Court$127,000321503$84
Lehigh Woods31 Pine Hill Ln$125,900422001$63
Pine Lakes5 Woodfalon Place$125,000422276$55Short Sale
Quail Hollow7 Karas Trail$125,000422184$57
Lehigh Woods22 Richfield Ln$120,780422575$47Foreclosure
Seminole Woods102 Smith Trl$120,000321215$99
Indian Trails44 Beaverdam Ln$120,000321632$74
Palm Harbor56 Freneau Lane$119,000321594$75
Palm Harbor17 Fordney Pl$116,500321784$65
Pine Grove79 Pine Circle Dr$115,000321614$71Short Sale
Cypress Knoll10 Ellwood Ln$115,000321440$80
Pine Lakes96 Whispering Pine Dr$115,000422196$52Short Sale
Cypress Knoll46 Emerson Dr$113,000321440$78
Pine Lakes6 White Rock Pl$113,000321638$69Short Sale
Lehigh Woods37 Riviera Estates Court$111,000422083$53Short Sale
Pine Lakes101 Wedgewood Lane$110,000321657$66Short Sale
Belle Terre30 Palmwood Drive$110,000321944$57
Indian Trails45 Brewster Lane$110,000431768$62
Matanzas Woods27 Lyndenhurst Lane$106,500421836$58Short Sale
Pine Lakes40 Wendover Lane$105,000321249$84
Pine Grove29 Piermount Lane$104,000321356$77
Pine Grove8 Pinelynn Dr$103,000321564$66Foreclosure
Belle Terre24 Ryding Lane$100,100421861$54Foreclosure
Palm Harbor48 Fleetwood Drive$100,000322018$50Short Sale
Lehigh Woods11 Raintree Pl$100,000321535$65Foreclosure
Pine Grove13 Powder Horn Dr$100,000221334$75
Pine Grove12 Prairie Lane$100,000321535$65
Pine Grove29 Penn Manor Lane$100,000321999$50
Pine Grove17 Pine Ash Ln$99,900321850$54Short Sale
Indian Trails119 Bren Mar Ln$98,000321822$54
Matanzas Woods4 Lynn Place$95,000422242$42Short Sale
Lehigh Woods36 Riverview Drive$95,000422093$45Short Sale
Lehigh Woods17 Rippling Place$90,000321632$55Foreclosure
Palm Harbor16 Courtney Place$90,000221510$60
Palm Harbor31 Farragut Drive$88,000321446$61
Quail Hollow2 Laguna Forest Trl$85,000421862$46Short Sale
Lehigh Woods51 Rolling Sands Drive$85,000321148$74Short Sale
Pine Lakes94 Whittington Drive$82,000321317$62Short Sale
Palm Harbor32 Forest Grove Drive$80,000322076$39Short Sale
Lehigh Woods29 Riverdale Ln$80,000321316$61Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods5 Ripton Pl$80,000321649$49Short Sale
Seminole Woods22 Sea Board Court$79,900321532$52Short Sale
Matanzas Woods15 Lamar Lane$79,716321367$58Foreclosure
Not Assigned6 Pat Pl$79,000421630$48Short Sale
Pine Lakes50 White Feather Lane$75,500321439$52Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods64 Rocking Horse Drive$75,000321412$53Foreclosure
Seminole Woods17 Seriema Place$75,000321342$56Short Sale
Belle Terre126 Pepperdine Drive$75,000321226$61
Woodlands38 Blyth Place$75,000221292$58
Palm Harbor28 Felshire Lane$75,000321393$54
Pine Grove38 Pony Express Drive$73,000321244$59Short Sale
Palm Harbor88 Farragut Drive$50,000221507$33Short Sale
Quail Hollow7 Lleberry Path$50,000311040$48Foreclosure
Not Assigned705 Merkerson St$23,800311272$19Foreclosure