195 Condos And Homes Sold Palm Coast Florida in March 2012

Are you interested in what homes are selling in Palm Coast Florida? Here is the update of sold homes data for March 2012, This data includes Palm Coast Homes  and condos recently sold in the Palm Coast Communities of Grand HavenHammock Dunes CondosHammock Dunes Homes Hammock BeachOcean Hammock, Flagler BeachSurf ClubSea Colony, Palm Coast PlantationCinnamon Beach, Canopy Walk, Tidelands, Yacht Harbor MarinaSaltwater CanalsPine Lakes, Indian TrailsMatanzas Woods, Palm Harbor, Seminole Woods, Palm Coast PlantationTidelandsLehigh Woods, Pine Grove, Belle Terre, The Woodlands, Cypress KnollQuail Hollow.

SubdivisionStreet # Street NameSold Price# Beds#l BathsLiving SqFtPrice Per Sq FtSpecial Conditions
101 Palm Harbor Pkwy$35,000221250$28Foreclosure
Pine Lakes5 Williams Dr$40,500421441$28Foreclosure
Pine Lakes120 Wellington Drive$62,000222146$29Foreclosure
Pine Lakes43 Westfield Ln$129,000423924$33Short Sale
Belle Terre6 Plateau Lane$75,000642280$33Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods53 London Dr$100,000532928$34Short Sale
Seminole Woods2 Sled Court$140,000643925$36Short Sale
Pine Lakes77 Wellstone Drive$47,000321247$38Short Sale
Palm Harbor4 Ferngate Lane$87,000422307$38Short Sale
Seminole Woods60 Sea Trail$111,000522881$39Foreclosure
Palm Harbor50 Clubhouse Drive$25,90011665$39Foreclosure
Palm Harbor34 Florida Park Dr$69,900321790$39
Not Assigned96 Brookside Lane$73,900321848$40Foreclosure
Palm Harbor59 Fallen Oak Lane$58,000231407$41
Matanzas Woods4 Lamar Lane$117,700422836$42Short Sale
Palm Harbor9 Fanbury Lane$119,900522864$42Short Sale
Palm Harbor9 Fairways Circle$55,000321300$42
Not Assigned58 Beechwood Ln$51,000321200$43Foreclosure
Palm Harbor32 Cooper Lane$68,500321599$43
Pine Grove51 Powder Horn Dr$75,500421741$43Short Sale
Woodlands56 Blakeport Lane$74,000321691$44Short Sale
Indian Trails4 Beech Pl$97,300322218$44Short Sale
Pine Grove32 Pope Lane$75,000321702$44Short Sale
Pine Grove3 Pointer Place$104,000322353$44Short Sale
Pine Grove54 Prattwood Lane$110,000432423$45Short Sale
Seminole Woods271 Underwood Trl$102,000422237$46Short Sale
Quail Hollow18 Ziegler Pl$135,000422953$46Foreclosure
Quail Hollow9 Zebra Ct$85,000321859$46Short Sale
Indian Trails47 Bassett Ln$125,000432733$46Short Sale
Pine Lakes236 Wellington Drive$75,000321636$46Short Sale
Lehigh Woods10 Ryecorn Place$95,000422054$46Short Sale
Quail Hollow76 Zebulahs Trail$64,200321382$46Foreclosure
Pine Lakes114 Westbury Ln$82,500321768$47Foreclosure
Pine Grove18 Poinbury Drive$115,000322454$47
Pine Grove16 Pineapple Dr$105,000422233$47Short Sale
Indian Trails75 Boston Ln$69,900321481$47Short Sale
Seminole Woods16 Surrey Ct$52,000221098$47
Belle Terre140 Persimmon Drive$65,000321368$48Short Sale
Seminole Woods20 Sea Shark Path$91,900321932$48Foreclosure
Not Assigned123 Burroughs Drive$142,000432958$48Foreclosure
Quail Hollow3 Karlstad Place$105,500422195$48Foreclosure
Pine Grove33 Pinelynn Dr$109,000422262$48Foreclosure
Not Assigned21 Karat Path$67,900321406$48Foreclosure
Pine Lakes8 Wainwright Place$80,000321646$49Foreclosure
Not Assigned25 Rockwell Ln$83,500321697$49Short Sale
Lehigh Woods3 Regina Lane$125,000642522$50Short Sale
Quail Hollow4 Zenith Court$118,000432374$50Short Sale
16 Masters Court$54,000221078$50Foreclosure
Indian Trails10 Buffalo Plains Lane$102,000322032$50Short Sale
Pine Lakes9 Wendy Lane$100,000321991$50
Quail Hollow27 Llewellyn Trail$81,000321602$51Short Sale
Palm Harbor6 Curtis Court$162,500743190$51Short Sale
Indian Trails53 Brigadoon Lane$125,000432451$51Short Sale
Belle Terre54 Pebble Wood Ln$130,000432546$51Foreclosure
Not Assigned58 Fleetwood Drive$66,030221292$51Foreclosure
Pine Lakes55 Westchester Ln$74,900321464$51
Palm Harbor13 Cooper Lane$70,500221377$51
15 Greenbriar Court$60,000321163$52
Tidelands25 Riverview Bend N$76,000321461$52Short Sale
Tidelands70 Riverview Bend$76,500321461$52Short Sale
Lehigh Woods20 Rolland Lane$107,000322043$52Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods135 Red Mill Drive$78,000421486$52Short Sale
Tidelands85 Riverview Bend$63,000221194$53Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods2 Lindberg Pl$118,000322216$53Short Sale
Indian Trails85 Birchwood Dr$95,000321784$53Short Sale
Indian Trails32 Birchwood Dr$85,000321596$53Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll37 Eastwood Drive$130,000422436$53Short Sale
Pine Grove26 Postman Lane$108,000322014$54Short Sale
Woodlands118 Blare Castle Drive$58,000221081$54
Indian Trails40 Brice Lane$112,800322102$54
Lehigh Woods46 Pickering Drive$111,900422077$54Foreclosure
Lehigh Woods11 Ridley Lane$124,000422294$54
Pine Lakes77 Westover Lane$95,000321754$54
Pine Lakes13 Wedge Lane$113,000422082$54Foreclosure
Pine Lakes5 Westlyn Pl$120,000432209$54
Seminole Woods18 Ullman Ct$130,000432369$55Foreclosure
Pine Grove30 Prestwick Lane$75,800321377$55Foreclosure
Seminole Woods3 Senor Pl$103,400321871$55
Matanzas Woods37 Longfellow Dr$90,000321626$55
Lehigh Woods10 Ranshire Dr$115,000322071$56
Palm Harbor9 Fann Ln$125,000422249$56
Lehigh Woods12 Rymshaw Place$110,000421972$56Foreclosure
Pine Lakes92 Wood Haven Dr$77,000321379$56
Pine Grove19 Princeton Lane$91,005321628$56Foreclosure
Pine Grove32 Pine Ash Ln$68,000321211$56Foreclosure
Quail Hollow4 Kansas Path$169,000432988$57Foreclosure
Indian Trails13 Barrister Ln$113,000321995$57Short Sale
Pine Grove1 Prince William Pl$87,000321535$57Foreclosure
Pine Lakes5 Westridge Lane$117,000322058$57
Pine Lakes1 Westbriar Pl$143,500432505$57Short Sale
Palm Harbor15 Kings Colony Court$60,000221021$59
Pine Grove55 Point of Woods Dr$105,000421783$59Short Sale
Seminole Woods30 Seven Champions Path$230,000643897$59
Indian Trails4 Bunker Lane$89,900321508$60Foreclosure
Palm Harbor4 Lake Forest Ct$83,000321381$60
Lehigh Woods29 Angela Dr$135,000322233$60Short Sale
Pine Grove37 Pine Grove Dr$122,000422000$61
Pine Lakes12 Woodston Lane$91,710321493$61Foreclosure
Belle Terre8 Penndale Place$83,000321342$62Foreclosure
Quail Hollow30 Lloleeta Path$105,000321639$64Foreclosure
Matanzas Woods9 Lucas Lane$190,000432941$65Short Sale
Tidelands15 Riverview Bend N$75,000321159$65Short Sale
Pine Lakes7 Winchester Pl$110,000321677$66Short Sale
Palm Harbor19 Fenwood Ln$135,000322058$66
Pine Lakes22 Whirlaway Drive$99,000321502$66
Pine Lakes52 Welling Lane$110,000321659$66
Belle Terre76 Perthshire Lane$120,000321801$67
Seminole Woods4 Slumberland Path$146,000322191$67
Lehigh Woods7 Richard Place$100,000321500$67
Indian Trails60 Bayside Dr$135,000322000$68
Indian Trails58 Bassett Ln$132,000321949$68Short Sale
Indian Trails126 Beacon Mill Ln$124,000321824$68
Indian Trails30 Bainbridge Dr$150,000432197$68
Pine Grove10 Pinelynn Ln$168,000422459$68
Pine Grove117 Pine Grove Dr$105,000321532$69
Lehigh Woods60 Riviera Dr$95,000321382$69Short Sale
Indian Trails160 Bird of Paradise Dr$94,000321363$69
Pine Lakes66 Westbury Ln$115,000321657$69
Palm Harbor11 Cole Place$225,000423234$70Foreclosure
Cypress Knoll15 Edith Pope Drive$180,008532587$70Short Sale
Indian Trails41 Bannbury Ln$95,000321365$70
Not Assigned39 Westcedar Ln$172,000432466$70Foreclosure
Pine Lakes2 Winterling Pl$79,500221138$70
Lehigh Woods9 Richland Place$112,500421608$70
Lehigh Woods4 Rainmill Place$125,000321782$70
Pine Grove21 Woodston Lane$124,900421762$71
Palm Harbor60 Clubhouse Drive$70,00022986$71
Pine Lakes3 Wainbush Place$229,000433194$72
Quail Hollow21 Zaun Trail$105,700321451$73
Quail Hollow9 Lloret Place$95,000321298$73
Cypress Knoll14 Emerald Lane$130,000321768$74
Pine Lakes3 WILLOUGHBY PL$113,000321533$74
Palm Harbor45 Riverview Bend S$118,000321575$75Short Sale
Lehigh Woods5 Raeland Lane$128,000321684$76
Tidelands55 Riverview Bend$120,000321575$76Foreclosure
Palm Harbor5 Fernwood Ln$95,000321240$77
Palm Harbor20 Fairhill Lane$118,000321497$79
Pine Lakes8 Watermill Place$120,500321500$80
Indian Trails44 Barkley Ln$154,900321925$80Foreclosure
Quail Hollow27 Kaffir Lily Place$122,000321500$81
Indian Trails106 Bayside Dr$123,000321510$81Short Sale
Pine Grove47 Point Pleasant Drive$115,000321408$82Foreclosure
Seminole Woods12 Ulawood Place$175,000422107$83
Palm Harbor1400 Canopy Walk Lane$114,950321377$83Foreclosure
Tidelands55 Riverview Bend S$102,500221226$84Foreclosure
Pine Lakes2 Wellesley Lane$220,000432588$85
Tidelands55 Riverview Bend S$95,500221115$86
Tidelands45 Riverview Bend S$145,000321682$86
Bon Terra Estates3 Valencia Street$205,000442374$86Foreclosure
Pine Grove71 Pine Grove Dr$151,000321725$88
Cypress Knoll16 Elliot Place$170,000321916$89
Lehigh Woods11 Radnor Pl$199,900422232$90
Pine Lakes119 Woodside Drive$152,000321683$90
Cypress Knoll35 Essington Ln$119,000321308$91
Lehigh Woods30 Red Top Lane$165,000321780$93
Grand Haven39 Waterside Pkwy$156,000221649$95
Yacht Harbor102 Yacht Harbor Dr$150,000221570$96Short Sale
Palm Harbor36 Veranda Way$132,000321369$96
Lehigh Woods40 Raintree Cir$190,000221966$97
Palm Harbor4 Fairbank Lane$240,000332455$98
Cypress Knoll38 Ethan Allen Drive$202,000322045$99
Palm Harbor30 Fernham Lane$194,900321936$101
Palm Harbor2 Crossgate Ct E$200,000321966$102
Hammock Dunes1 Viscaya Ln$190,000221864$102
Cypress Knoll5 Egan Drive$249,000332432$102
Grand Haven58 North Park Cir$340,000423279$104Foreclosure
Grand Haven62 North Park Cir$320,000433040$105
Grand Haven49 Eastlake Drive$409,000543852$106Short Sale
Island Estates63 Island Estates Pkwy$750,000566968$108Foreclosure
Lakeside at Matanzas Shores39 San Carlos Drive$167,500221546$108Foreclosure
Palm Harbor5 Colonial Ct$210,000321924$109
Johnson Beach14 First Avenue$90,00011814$111
Palm Harbor29 Colorado Drive$255,000322276$112
Hammock Dunes11 Avenue De La Mer$250,000332161$116Foreclosure
Canopy Walk800 Canopy Walk Lane$148,500221283$116Short Sale
Sea Colony43 Bristol Lane$210,000321722$122Foreclosure
Grand Haven22 Shinnecock Drive$210,000321677$125
Not Assigned2 Cherokee Ct W$175,000321376$127
Armand Beach27 Cottonwood Trail$310,000322250$138
Ocean Hammock16 Oak View Circle$410,000432943$139
Palm Harbor15 Cedar Hollow Court$335,000322278$147
Surf Club60 Surfview Drive$245,000321640$149Short Sale
Tidelands6 Longview Way N$401,500432657$151Foreclosure
Palm Harbor8 Crandell Court$356,000332320$153
Surf Club80 Surfview Drive$260,000321640$159
Palm Harbor5 Carlson Lane$292,000321820$160
Hammock Beach200 Ocean Crest Drive$110,00011678$162
Palm Harbor16 Cherokee Ct E$225,000321382$163Short Sale
Grand Haven228 Willow Oak Way$495,000332947$168
Hammock Beach15 Ocean Crest Way$240,625321361$177
Hammock Dunes20 Casa Bella Circle$450,000322480$181
Hammock Beach200 Ocean Crest Drive$340,000331782$191
Ocean Hammock503 Cinnamon Beach Ln$535,000322651$202
Maritime Estates9 Deerwood St$445,229221824$244
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